October, 2016; Page 2

The Vestry discussed the search process,  stewardship dinner and Bishop’s visit.


Here is a new addition to our newsletter.  We are going to post a little biography of one of our parishioners each month.  We ask you all to consider doing this too.  We are the Body of Christ at Ascension and would love to know your journeys too.
Betty H.  Barnard

I was 17, a Methodist, a senior in a Baptist Girls School in Virginia.  We were required to attend our church every Sunday.  We were allowed a few Sundays to visit other churches and my roommate and I decided to visit a church closer to school, which happened to be an Episcopal church.

I had never felt as close to God as I knelt for the first time for prayer and I still pray better on my knees.  I knew then that I had found my church for life.  I married a Catholic and talked to his priest, but found I could not ever leave my church.  Years later Junie joined the children and me at Ascension.  His sister said he was a much better Episcopalian than he was a Catholic.

Through the years, I have had sad and low times, and before we had to lock the church I had to come to church to be alone with God.  I couldn’t always find my words for prayer but I could always find them in the prayer book.

I can’t end this without saying what my church family and my priests have done for me also in my low times.  I thank God and know I can always depend on them in happy and sad times.  

9 October will be the last day of Fr. Boss as our interim priest.  We will hold a farewell dinner after church on that day.

The triple Blessing program for October is white computer/copy paper.  

The service on 16 October (Court Days weekend), will be a gathering at Dr.  Janet White's.  It will begin with Morning Prayer at 10:00 AM, and will continue with a pot luck, fishing, hiking, etc.  Directions will be provided.

The Daughters of the King will hold their regular meeting on 2 October after church.  All Daughters and anyone interested in finding out more about the order are welcome to attend.  

There will be a Blessing of the Animals in honor of St.  Francis’ Day on Wednesday, 5 Oct.  at 6:00 PM in the prayer garden.  Bring any and all of your beloved pets to this event.

On 30 October at 3:00 PM, Bishop Caldwell will make his Episcopal visit to Ascension parish.  There will be a reception afterwards.  Details later.

On 28 October at 6:30 PM, Ascension Church will hold its Stewardship dinner.   There will be a costume party for those who wish to dress up.  The vestry will provide the meal.