May, 2016; Page 3


STS. PHILIP AND JAMES (MAY 1)    Philip and James were Apostles. Philip ministered in Scythia and Phrygia, where he was martyred. James, son of Alphaeus, ministered but nothing is known about where, or how he died.

ASCENSION (MAY 5)    On this day, Our Lord's resurrected body returned to Heaven.  This made it possible for the Holy Spirit to come and dwell in humans to guide them.

PENTECOST (MAY 15)    The Holy Spirit came and dwelt in the people gathered together.  They began to teach others about the risen Christ, and each person heard them in their own tongue.

TRINITY SUNDAY (MAY 22)    On this day especially, the Church commemorates the one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

VISITATION OF MARY (MAY 31)    Soon after the Holy Spirit told Mary that she was to bear the Messiah, she went to visit her cousin Elizabeth. When Elizabeth recognized that Mary was to bear the Savior, Mary was moved to recite the beautiful Magnificat.


01 Jean Stoddard         
08 Catherine Blair    
10 Dena Amburgey        
14 Norm Peck
15 Griffin Smallwood        
16 Helene Perkins    
16 Becky Priest        
18 Allen Blair
21 Bill Skidmore        
29 Dawn Steele    
30 Susannah Wilson


09 Norm & Jean Stoddard    
26 Brenda & Bill Skidmore


10 Greta Wicket        
11 Junie Barnard    
11 Dr. John Rawlings        
26 Clarence Perkins

Here are the coffee hour hosts for May    
01 Matt and Cynthia Wilson 497-0213
08 Allen and Katherine Blair 498-8039
15 Judy Bramblet 498-4164
22 Greg and Mindy Camp 497-0269    
29 Jansje Huyck 497-9973

Here are the coffee hour hosts for June

5 Beverly and Joe King 498-2783
12 Marge Neff 498-2548
19 Martha and Darren Payne 498-5894
26 John and Shannon Peck 498-6544

If you know you will not be available to serve at the altar, let Pat Farnell know the month before so she won't schedule you.  If anyone would like to add announcements to the newsletter, let her know or e-mail her at  Please put "newsletter" in the subject line so she opens it.