August/September, 2015; Page 3


Gateway Children’s Services:  Ascension is working weekly with the Gateway children on building life skills, which includes the children preparing dinner once a month after the Wednesday Evening service.  There is always an on-going need of the following items for the Gateway Teens: socks, undershirts (large and extra large), twin sheets, towels, pencils, drawing pads, journals. PG-13 movies, games, puzzles, puzzle books, soap, shampoo, lotion and hair elastics.

M&M Food Pantry: They always need food, donations, and substitute workers. They especially need canned fruit, dried beans, Spaghetti O’s, tuna fish, and tuna helper dinners and powdered milk.  Please continue to bring your offerings for the plate and our basket.


THE TRANSFIGURATION (August 6)   On this day, Our Lord reassumed His Heavenly Body and allowed several of His disciples to see Him in all of His Glory.  He then took up His earthly body again to finish His work on earth.

ST. MARY THE VIRGIN (August 15)   This is the traditional date of the death of the Blessed Virgin.  Roman Catholics believe that she was taken directly to Heaven in her earthly body.  Our church leaves it up to the individual whether to accept that or not.

ST. BARTHOLOMEW (August 24)   Bartholomew, also called Nathaniel, was the first to say to Jesus `You are the Son of God, you are the king of Israel.' He did this because Jesus was able to `see' him when he was out of sight. He was the oldest of the disciples and sometimes had trouble keeping up, but he persevered. He ministered in North India, and was martyred in Armenia.

HOLY CROSS DAY (September 14)   This is the day we celebrate the Cross of Christ. We remember that God was willing to die a cruel, painful death for us because He loved us so. We are also reminded that we may have to suffer for Him, but the reward of eternal life is worth it.

ST. MATTHEW (September 21)    Matthew was a tax collector who gave up his position of power to follow Jesus.  He ministered in Judea, then went to Ethiopia or Persia.  It is not known how he died.

ST. MICHAEL AND ALL ANGELS (September 29)   On this day we honor the angels God has given us. He used them as messengers, such as announcing the birth of Christ. Each of us has a guardian angel who watches over us.



01 Shannon Peck    
03 Pamela Smallwood
04 Ashley Peck Robbins    
07 Kaelan Barrett
08 Laine Rogers
12 Sharon Neismith    
12 Sarah Roger                    
27 Janet White    
05 Betty Barnard
06 McKenzie Barnes Murdock
12 Bob Neismith    
15 Sharon Moran    
17 Ellen Razor    
19 Meredith Peck Guy                
19 Jansje Huyck    
24 Will Fogle
26 Brad Carrington
23 Bill and Judy Bramblet        
25 Cynthia & Gordon Duffus

16 Allen & Catherine Blair    
25 Bill & Beth Ratliff


01 Floris Razor    
04 Henry Leader    
16 Bud Robertson    
30 Grace Lover        
30 M. R. Rice
01 Roger Titus
02 Lottie Weckesser        
09 Aaron Farnell, Jr.
13 Frank Neff    
15 Charles Gange
18 Odelle Cooke Payne     
19 Jamie Cody
23 Paul Cowden
28 Florence Hargraves

Here are the coffee hour hosts for August:    2 Beverly and Joe King 498-2783
9 Marge Neff 498-2548
16 Martha and Darren Payne 498-5894
23 John and Shannon Peck 498-6544
30 Becky Priest 498-3254

Here are the coffee hour hosts for September:
6 Jennifer and Byram Ratliff 498-1516
13 Judy Ratliff 498-2151
20 Sallie and Mike Razor 498- 8615
27 Tony and Jennifer Walker 859- 432-5961

Contact information for Cindy+: Church office-859-498-3730; cell phone-931-636-8866; home phone-859-498-9398 Please leave a message if you can't reach her at the time you call.

If you know you will not be available to serve at the altar, let Pat Farnell know the month before so she won't schedule you.  If anyone would like to add announcements to the newsletter, let her know or e-mail her at  Please put "newsletter" in the subject line so she opens it.