June/July, 2015 Page 1


Summer is nearly upon us and we enter what the church calls, "ordinary time", where life's pace is changing with the school year ending and families taking vacations. Despite those adjustments to summer life, there is still much going on in our community life together. While some church programs take a respite, many of our parishioners do not. The acolytes, lectors, chalicers, organist, choir director, altar guild, ushers, and coffee hour hosts, among others, are still needed to maintain the church's liturgical and social life.

In addition to our regular ministries, we will also have our annual Lemonade Retreat for the teens of the Gateway Children's Services from June 29- July 3 from 9am to noon. Please look for a sign-up sheet to assist with snacks and lunches and/or check with Judy Bramblet about ways to help.

Every three years, the Episcopal Church has its General Convention, the national legislative body of the Episcopal Church which consists of a House of Bishops and a House of Deputies, comprised of four lay persons and four clergy from each diocese and area of mission. The Houses meet and act separately, but both must concur to adopt legislation. This year, the 78th General Convention will convene from June 24 through July 3 at Salt Lake City.  And, they will be electing the 27th Presiding Bishop, the Chief Pastor and Primate of the Episcopal Church, who is charged with initiating and developing church policy and strategy, speaking God's Word to the church and the world, and visiting every diocese of the church.

Four people have been nominated to succeed Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori. The nominees are as follows:

The Rt. Rev. Thomas Breidenthal, 64, Diocese of Southern Ohio, bishop since 2007.

The Rt. Rev. Michael Curry, 62, Diocese of North Carolina, bishop since 2000.

The Rt. Rev. Ian Douglas, 56, Diocese of Connecticut, bishop since 2010.

The Rt. Rev. Dabney Smith, 61, Diocese of Southwest Florida, bishop since 2007.

For further information, please go to http://episcopaldigitalnetwork.com. Please keep all the Bishops and deputies in your prayers as they prayerfully fulfill their duties at General Convention.

As you all know, I am taking a sabbatical from July 27 through September 8, and Gordon and I will be going to Scotland to stay with our friend, Andrew Dickson, whom many of you met two summers ago. We also plan to travel throughout the highlands and islands.  I hope to have a time of retreat on the Isle of Iona, where St. Columbia founded a monastic community or the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, which was an important center for Celtic Christianity and where St. Aidan was sent from Iona to found another monastic community.  

The six Sundays, on which I am gone, will alternate between Morning Prayer and supply priests. On August 2, the Rev. Philip Haug will be celebrating. On August 16 and 30, the Rev. Nancy Farley will be celebrating. I know that all of you will offer them a warm welcome as you always do.

I hope you all have a peaceful, restful, fun and spiritually fulfilling summer. Remember the Church each day in your prayers and in the exercise of your various gifts and talents as we continue forward in our mission and ministries together.

In Christ's love,