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Then Peter came up and said to him, "Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? As many as seven times?" Jesus said to him,"I do not say to you seven times, but seventy times seven." Matt.18:21-22

Forgiveness in baby steps

Bishop Eugene Sutton and others say the church is uniquely positioned to help society move toward forgiveness.  "The church is the only place saying that during every Eucharist whoever's sitting next to you or around you, you wish them God's blessings and peace, that I'm reconciling with you and I need to do that because God has forgiven me and I can't go to the table of the Lord and be fed by the Lord if I don't try to be a good host to those who've wronged me.  We've all wronged the Lord and he still bids us welcome," Sutton said.

    The Rev. Jeff Jackson, rector of St. Nicholas in Hamilton, near Atlanta, said the rite of reconciliation is another wonderful way of teaching forgiveness:  "The Episcopal Church has a wonderful tradition, that God has given priests the gift of being able to listen and to pronounce that forgiveness, that absolution. Forgiveness in baby steps and it allows us to tangibly hear the words that God is speaking to us intangibly all the time, that we are forgiven and loved and that he will make us whole."

    Ona Graham, a neuropsychologist, offers a prescription for learning to forgive: “Forgo seeking vengeance; Forbear or stop pressing the replay button; Forgive or release the anger; Forget the pain associated with it and take the lesson that's there for you.”

“If you're angry at someone," she said, "for the next two weeks ask God to give that person everything you want in your life and I guarantee you that, at the end of two weeks, you will see that person differently. You will start to see them from God's point of view and then you'll have freedom of spirit."

See you in church.

Treasurer’s report for March:
Income: $15,364;
Expenses: $13,830;
Check book balance of $14,582
minus pass-through and memorial fund =$12,738.

Vestry approved the Treasurer’s report and minutes.  

New Business: Discussed Workday on May 17th after church.
Committee for on-going fund raising- Becky, John, Julia who will ask Greg, Bill.
Triple blessings- toilet paper, paper towels, coffee, dishwashing liquid. Discussed pastoral care committee to reach out to parishioners and newcomers.
Discussed list of duties while rector on sabbatical.

Old Business: Cindy/ Sallie working on directory list.
Sr.Warden: Lemonade Retreat June 29-July 3 and Sterling Meadows-June 7 and 28.  
Jr.Warden: Julia to do list of jobs for workday.
Fin/Steward/Hosp.: Marge, Byram, and Jansje to do audit before mid-July. Worship/Fellowship: Becky-balloons, Sallie- flowers, Jansje cake for Pentecost, wear red.
Outreach: Had graduation at Gateway Christian Formation: Ask Byram about Sunday school for summers. Marge is willing to help in summer.
Next meeting: WEDNESDAY, JUNE 14 after church.

The Daughters of the King will hold their regular meeting on June 7 and July 5 after church.  All Daughters and anyone interested in finding out more about the order are welcome to attend.
Thanks to everyone who brought items for the month of May.  We are asking people to bring in toilet paper and paper towels for the month of June and liquid dishwashing liquid and coffee for the month of July.  Also, please don't forget to sign up your Kroger card for Ascension Church.

On June 21, at 3PM, the Diocese of Lexington will celebrate the ministry of Dr. Kay Collier-McLaughlin at Christ Church Cathedral on the occasion of her retirement. She was the Bishop's Deputy for Leadership Development and Transitions and co-led supervision for the Network.  Please come and help celebrate the ministry of this remarkable woman.