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Gateway Children’s Services:  Ascension is working weekly with the Gateway children on building life skills, which includes the children preparing dinner once a month after the Wednesday Evening service.  There is always an on-going need of the following items for the Gateway Teens: socks, undershirts (large and extra large), twin sheets, towels, pencils, drawing pads, journals. PG-13 movies, games, puzzles, puzzle books, soap, shampoo, lotion, and hair elastics

M&M Food Pantry: They always need food, donations, and substitute workers. They especially need canned fruit, dried beans, Spaghetti O’s, tuna fish, and tuna helper dinners and powdered milk. Please continue to bring your offerings for the plate and our basket.


MAUNDY THURSDAY (2 April) This day commemorates the institution of the Eucharist and the beginning of the Passion.

GOOD FRIDAY (3 April)  On this day we remember the passion and death of Our Lord.  It is appropriate to spend some time in prayer during the day.

EASTER DAY (5 April)  We now celebrate the resurrection of Our Lord!

ST. MARK'S DAY (25 April)  Mark wrote the earliest Gospel. Some think the Last Supper may have been held in his mother's house, and that he was the young man whose robe was torn off as he fled the garden. His bones, which were stolen from Alexandria in a barrel of pork (so the Moslems wouldn't search it) are interred in the Cathedral of San Marco in Venice.

03 Julia Waller 
04 Abby  Schueler
04 Horton Stull  
11 April Eling
13 Virginia Wilson Adkins
15 Cynthia Wilson 
18 Charles Bartels
19 Jennie Moran Lutchfield
19 Courtney Marye
19 Michael Myers 
19 Nancy Page Roberts
21 Justin Cline 
24 Lucie Thurman                             
25 Byram Ratliff                      
30 Elizabeth Malone                 
6 Jim & Mary Ratliff
10 Pat & Wendy Greer

1 William Hargrave 
9 Ed Hickey
13 Elaine Razor 
22 Albert Krause
22 Ted Marye
22 Christina Sykes 
24 Henrietta Greene    
28 Kathi Peck 
28 Edith William    
30 Lynn Perkins


Here are the coffee hour hosts for April
05 Easter potluck
12 Beverly and Joe King 498-2783
19 Marge Neff 498-2548
26 Martha and Darren Payne 498-5894

Here are the coffee hour hosts for May
3 John and Shannon Peck 498-6544
10 Becky Priest 498-3254
17 Jennifer and Byram Ratliff 498-1516
24 Judy Ratliff 498-2151
31 Sallie and Mike Razor 498-8615

Contact information for Cindy+: Church office-859-498-3730; cell phone-931-636-8866; home phone-598-498-9398 Please leave a message if you can't reach her at the time you call.

If you know you will not be available to serve at the altar, let Pat Farnell know the month before so she won't schedule you.  If anyone would like to add announcements to the newsletter, let her know or e-mail her at plfarnell@hotmail.com.  Please put "newsletter" in the subject line so she opens it.