December, 2015; Page Two

Treasurer’s report for October: 
Income:$15,472(includes donation of $10,000; 
Expenses: $13,132; 
Check book balance of $16,037
minus pass-through and memorial fund =$14,177. 

Vestry approved the Treasurer’s report and minutes.  

New Business: 
*Ala-non contacted Cindy+ regarding no light at office door, so Greg Camp will change light bulb. 
*Stewardship budget meeting on Nov. 11.; 
*Angel tree- 12 children; 
*Triple blessing for Dec. will be LED light bulbs and TP; 
*Sallie will remind Bill about poinsettias and will do Advent Wreath. 
Old Business: 
*Annual meeting/potluck luncheon on Nov. 15 where we will elect new vestry members/deputies to convention and approve 2016 budget. Jennifer will pick up fried chicken; Sallie will do flowers; we will have silent auction to raise money for fans in parish hall. 
*Fund-raising committee: $550 raised for fans, still need $700. $200 raised for columbarium, still need $2800. 
*Sr.Warden: Jansje is resting and healing from fall. Please check on her. 
*Jr.Warden: Julia is working on gutters and one of kneelers. 
*Snow removal- Sallie will check with Jack Razor about referral.  
*Jennifer is checking on cost of refrigerator.  
*Fin/Steward/Pub.: Stewardship meeting for budget. 
*Worship/Fellowship: Arranged for replacements for Jansje. 
*Bishop's visitation discussed. 
*Outreach:  Gateway teens. Christian Formation: Byram is teaching adult Sunday school. 

Next meeting: Sun., Dec. 13, 2015.

The annual meeting of Ascension Episcopal Church was held on 15 November 2015 after church. Cindy+ shared highlights of past six years and announced that she had accepted a new call to St. Anne's Episcopal Church in Jacksonville, N.C. Her last Sunday will be Dec. 6, Advent 2. A proposed budget          for 2016 was passed. Pledges (20 units) are $57,240. Expected income is $70,090. Expected expenses are $139,611. This leaves a deficit of $69,521. As of Sept. 30, unrestricted endowments are $136, 772.50 and restricted endowments are $116,125.85. Marge Neff, Byram Ratliff and Sallie Razor are leaving the vestry.  Well done, good and faithful servants. Janet White, Jack Razor and Greg Camp were elected to the vestry.  Jansje Huyck, Becky Priest, Mary Ratliff and Judy Bramblett were elected as deputies and Jennifer Walker, Cynthia Wilson, Matthew Wilson and Sallie Razor were elected as alternates to the diocesan convention.  Please pray for the newly elected people.

The Daughters of the King will hold their regular meeting on December 6 after church.  All Daughters and anyone interested in finding out more about the order are welcome to attend.

The Rt. Rev. Douglas Hahn, 7th bishop of the Diocese of Lexington, will make his episcopal visit to Ascension parish on Dec. 13. We will have a potluck after the service. Then, Bishop Hahn and Canon Elise Johnstone will meet the vestry.

Thanks to everyone who brought items in November.  For December, we are asking people to bring in LED light bulbs and toilet paper. Please don't forget to sign up your Kroger card for Ascension Church.

The greening of the church for Christmas will be held on 20 December after church.  Come and help in this fun event.

Christmas eve services will begin with carol singing at 10:30PM, and the Christ Mass will begin at 11:00PM.  Join us for this joyous time. The Rev. Canon Elise Johnstone will be the celebrant.