October, 2015; Page 1


As most of you know, Gordon and I had a glorious time in Scotland. It was wonderful visiting with our friend, Andrew; sightseeing, shopping and eating in Edinburgh during festival time; traveling up the West Coast and down the East Coast of Scotland; and staying at various Bed and Breakfasts. While in Edinburgh, we attended St. John’s Church, a Scottish Episcopal Church. The service was fantastic with a special orchestra accompanying the choir. We also traveled to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, where we spent the night. Our room overlooked the Lindisfarne Priory, the home and original burial ground of St. Cuthbert, who lived on Lindisfarne until his death in 687AD. His remains were exhumed 11 years later and found to be undecayed- a sure sign of sanctity. In addition to seeing a copy of the Lindisfarne Gospels, we attended Evening Prayer at St. Mary the Virgin Church.

Of course, we made our traditional pilgrimage to the town of Duffus, Duffus Castle and Elgin Cathedral, where some Duffus kin are buried. At Elgin Cathedral, a Historic Scotland clerk asked if we had any ancestors buried in the cemetery. When we said we did, she asked for the specific date that our relatives were planted there. If we got the answer right, we could get in free. Otherwise, not. These are only a few examples of the great places that we visited and from which we have many stories. Just ask us. We gave out UK coozies to our B&B hostesses. They didn't know what they were. So, we explained their use, and that UK could stand for the University of Kentucky or United Kingdom. It was their choice. Both evoke powerful emotions.

As the temperatures begin to cool off, and we watch for the changing color of the leaves, we begin another busy fall for the remainder of this liturgical year and the beginning of Advent. Mark your calendars as follows:

Sun., Oct. 4- Blessing of Animals;

Sun., Oct. 25- Workday after worship;

Fri., Nov. 6 at 6:30 p.m.- Stewardship Dinner, provided by Vestry;

Sun., Nov. 15- Annual Meeting with Pot-Luck luncheon;

Sun., Dec. 13- Bishop’s Visitation.

I hope in the days ahead, we will all discover and rediscover the countless ways that we can offer ourselves in service to God and others through our time, talents and treasures. Each year, in order to maintain the upkeep of our sacred spaces and our ministries and missions within the wider community, we have a Stewardship Campaign in which we prayerfully consider what our giving of our times and talents as well as our financial pledges will be in the coming year. We are stewards, not owners of this life, given to us by God, so I pray that we give out of abundance rather than scarcity.

Rejoice in God’s love and for the countless ways all of us share that love in the world.

In Christ's love,