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Prayer itself is a miracle

Dolores Conyer of Pomona, California, knows something about miracles. Her son Timothy Gaines was born severely mentally and physically disabled, with bilateral club feet, requiring numerous corrective surgeries. "I didn't realize how much I relied on prayer until later," Conyer recalled during a telephone interview with ENS. "He was having all these surgeries and during them, he suffered cardiac arrest, the cause unknown. I felt that prayer and faith were the reason he survived. He used to say 'the lady in white' came to him. I think the lady in white was prayer, was faith, and all that was good."

But Timothy was murdered at age 35 in 2001; his murder remains unsolved and Conyer, 72, recently was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. But her faith remains unshaken and although she will always have questions about the whys of her son's murder and her own health challenges, "there's no need to do anything other than to maintain my faith, and just keep on praying," she said. "I think about all the pain and suffering Tim went through and why he had to die the way he did, alone, and a voice said to me, 'No, he wasn't. He was not alone'. So, here comes that lady in white."

For the mean time, "I'm thinking in terms of when Tim was little," Conyer said. "They told me he wouldn't live past five years old. So, if he woke up, I made a plan for the day. We lived each day one at a time. "I've always been an adventurous person," she added. "I've never been afraid to venture and try new things. This is another journey that I'm on and, hopefully, however it ends, it will have been a good ride. Faith and prayer play a role in that. If I didn't have faith and prayer I wouldn't be able to do anything, I would be lost."

See you in church.



Treasurer’s report for July:

Income: $7536;

Expenses: $15,710;

Check book balance of $16,042

minus pass-through and memorial fund =$14,854.

Vestry approved Treasurer’s report and minutes.

New Business:

*Bishop’s visitation will be on November 30-Advent I.

*Our audit was completed and sent to Diocese.

*Our next Work Day will be set for fall.

*Stewardship Campaign Dinner will be on Nov. 5 or 7 with a meal provided by Vestry.

*The Annual Meeting will be on Nov. 16-pot luck.

*Christmas bazaar has a tentative date of Nov. 8.

Old Business:

*We agreed to keep same prayer partners.

*Allen will register us for Kroger Community Rewards Program, using Kroger Plus cards. *Postcards were approved and we are awaiting their arrival.

*Jansje is looking into cost of replacing Episcopal Church street sign.

*Christmas bazaar workdays were scheduled.

*Sr. and Jr.Warden: See above.

Committee Reports:

*Fin./ Steward./Hosp.: We will meet in Nov. to work on Proposed Budget for next year.

*Worship: Marge ordered votive candles which were donated by parishioner. Sallie will make altar flower sign up sheet.

*Outreach: Items made by Gateway teens that did not sell at Small Town America will be used at Court Day and Christmas bazaar.

*Christian Formation: Everyone is enjoying Byram teaching Adult Sunday school.

Next meeting: Sunday, September 14 after church.



The Daughters of the King will hold their regular meeting on September 7 after church. All Daughters and anyone interested in finding out more about the order are welcome to attend. The fall retreat will be at the Cathedral Domain from September 18-20.



Thanks to everyone who brought items for the months of July and August. For September, we are asking people to bring in 12 ounce plastic cups and paper towels.

Starting in September, Kroger has changed their rewards program to Kroger Community Rewards, using the Kroger Plus cards. Once we get our confirmation, everyone can register their Kroger Plus cards on-line.



It's not too early to start making things for the Christmas bazaar. We will be working on making things for it after church on September 7 and 21, October 5 and 26, and November 2. Other plans will be announced at a later time.