July/August, 2014 Page 2


Cindy+ will be on vacation from July 28 – August 12.  Because of this, we are combining the July and August newsletters. If you need the services of a priest, notify Mary Ratliff. On August 3 and August 10, Mary Ratliff and Jansje Huyck will be officiating Morning Prayer, respectively.


Treasurer’s report for May:
Income: $4423;
Expenses: $9,765.38;
Check book balance of $12,822.58
minus pass-through and memorial fund =$11,470.24. 

*Vestry approved Treasurer’s report and minutes. 
New Business:
*The Vestry dinner was a great success with about 40 people in attendance. *The group decided to have a parish meal and game night on the 3rd Friday evenings (July 18 and August 15).
*VBS at First Christian Church is July 13-17 from 6:30- 7:30 p.m. Several people have agreed to help from our parish.
*We discussed Christmas Bazaar- possibly being on same weekend as Downtown Holiday Open House. 

Old Business:
*We agreed to keep same prayer partners.
*Postcards and Episcopal sign will be on agenda next month.
*Sr. Warden: Discussed Triple Blessings and Kroger Cares cards. Mary also related that those who do coffee hour need to turn on garbage disposal and dishwasher to stop odors.
*We should put on agenda next month- policy for funerals and weddings.
*Jr. Warden: Greg cleaned up garden for Malone funeral.
*Shaw’s Heating and A/C has been working on air conditioner.
*We need to put on the agenda next month the garden.

Committee Reports:
*Fin./ Steward./Hosp.: Audit due Sept. 1.
*Worship: July 20 (Isabelle’s Baptism), MP for August 2 and 10 as Cindy+ will be on vacation from July 28- August 12. 
*Outreach: Lemonade Retreat. 
*Christian Formation: Byram will be doing Adult Sunday school with Cindy+ as a back-up. 

Next meeting: Sunday, July 20 after church and then, Aug. 17. 


The Daughters of the King will hold their regular meeting on 6 July and 3 August, after church.  All Daughters and anyone interested in finding out more about the order are welcome to attend.  Remember that dues are payable by 1 September.


We will be partnering with First Christian Church, First Presbyterian Church and Queen Street Christian Church for Vacation Bible School on July 13-17 from 6:30 to 8:30 P.M. at First Christian Church. The theme will be Imagine and Build with God.  Our children will participate in various activities:  story telling, scientific experiments, crafts, recreation and music.  There will also be adult study led by the ministers of our churches.  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Cindy+. This is a wonderful opportunity to be involved ecumenically with our larger church family.


Thanks to everyone who brought toilet paper for the month of June.  For July and August, we are asking people to bring in paper (not foam) plates and toilet paper, respectively. Please don't forget to continue to use your Kroger gift card. Since December 2013, we have used our cards, purchasing $13,178, and have received $527.12.


It's not too early to start making things for the Christmas bazaar. Plans will be announced at a later time.


The Lemonade Retreat for the teens at Gateway Children's Services will be June 30- July 3. Please check with Judy Bramblet about helping with crafts and snacks for the teens.