July/August, 2014 Page 1



Summer has begun, school is out, and life moves at a different pace for most of us. Summer usually brings less regular Church attendance as everyone takes time to vacation and break away from our busy and sometimes hurried lives. After a busy Easter season and spring, we, now, enter what the church calls “ordinary time.” Though not specifically used in The Book of Common Prayer, this phrase has been used in the church for some time to describe portions of the calendar which are the weeks after Pentecost. “Ordinary time,” denoted by the liturgical color green, reminds us of God’s presence with us and God’s involvement in our lives.

A slower pace in some aspects of our life together does not mean that the church is “taking the summer off.” There are a lot of activities going on. Some of you are volunteering your time to participate in our Annual Lemonade Retreat for the Gateway teens from June 30- July 3. This is a wonderful outreach program. Some of you are sharing your time, talents, and treasures in the Vacation Bible School on July 13-17 from 6:30 to 8:30 P.M. at First Christian Church. As you are aware, we are partnering with the First Christian Church, First Presbyterian Church and Queen Street Christian Church to provide a fun filled summer program for the children of our community. In addition this year, there will an Adult bible study facilitated by the ministers of the various churches involved. After the great success of our Vestry dinner, we are also offering Game night on the 3rd Friday of each month this summer. On July 18 and August 15, we will meet at 7:00 p.m. in the Parish Hall to share a meal and play a variety of board/card games.

And, of course, the many ministries that make our liturgical and pastoral lives possible continue as well. These include the Altar Guild, Acolytes, Lectors, Chalicers, Intercessors, Ushers, Sunday school teachers, coffee hour hosts and hostesses, office volunteer, and Newsletter editor, who work tirelessly in preparation for and participation in Sunday worship. Even though the Choir has taken a break for the remainder of the summer, Sallie and Norm will continue to provide us with a variety of special music. The work of our Vestry members, officers, and Treasurer continue to be responsible for the finances, building maintenance and on-going outreach and pastoral care. Those ministries are truly “year round” and there are no “vacations” from such sacred work. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who do so much at Ascension.

Wherever you may travel this summer, keep the Church in your prayers and continue to join us for worship and fellowship every week when you are in town. But, do take time to enjoy a slower pace and find some rest and respite. Even God thought it was important to rest now and then. May you all have a blessed summer and be safe in your vacation travels.

In Christ's love,