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     Claire Littlefield, 17, a senior at Pittman High School and a parishioner at St. Francis Church in Turlock, California, in the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin, said she prays throughout her days, trying "to remember to always give thanks for all the blessings that I receive each and every day" and during stressful situations as well as before track meets. “We always come together and pray before our races to ask that God will give us the strength to do our very best, and to remind ourselves that God is with us. Praying calms me and gives me focus. I am reassured of God's presence with me always when I pray."

     Prayer comes as a response to God, for Ryan Macias, 17, a parishioner at St. George's Church in Laguna Hills, California. "God is constantly making himself known to us in so many different ways, the sacraments, the beauty of the creation around us, his word and so many more. It is so important to consider the diverse forms of responding to God," he added: he said he fell in love with the prayers in the Book of Common Prayer when he encountered it. Many times I need structure, I need help focusing. I find myself at a loss for words. I pray about the little things as well as the big things, the blessings and the burdens. Nothing is too big, and nothing too small to lay before God. He hears our petitions. He hears our thanksgivings and praises, this I am convinced of."

     Noted writer and lecturer Phyllis Tickle uses a writing metaphor to help describe non-petitionary prayer.  "What I really do is push through some kind of keyhole or door somewhere inside my non-objective world and come out on the other side into some kind of marketplace (for lack of a better word) where there is activity and where ideas and phrases and insights are on display as if in a grand mall," Tickle wrote in a Dec. 12 e-mail to ENS. "And I go shopping, taking what I need or want or am drawn to, but the 'shopper' is not me, for 'me' is still on the other side of the keyhole, waiting."

     "The shopper, rather, is a guided being of whom I am only a part or of whom my self-consciousness is only a part. I/we gather what I am nudged toward (for inevitably, I shall need it on the other side), or what delights me, though I don't know why, or what simply charms and is sufficient unto itself for that reason. Then, the I carries it all back through the keyhole or door and makes from it the stuff of art and life, for that is the end result for which it is intended."  She added that "fixed-hour prayer, like ritual prayer, is the soul's home, the places (for prayer is a place always) where we are tutored and schooled and sculpted by an agenda other than our own." 

See you in church.


Treasurer’s report for March:
Income: $34,950($10,000 from endowments and $12,500 from donation);  Expenses: $11,918;
Check book balance of $30,804
minus pass-through and memorial fund =$29,504. 

*Vestry approved Treasurer’s report and minutes.
New Business:
*We discussed Wednesday Evening Prayer for summer: 1st Wed. Anglican Rosary (Cynthia Wilson); 2nd Wed. Healing with Holy Eucharist; 3rd Wed. EP with Gateway teens; 4th Wed. EP (Mary Ratliff and Jansje Huyck).
*The wireless alarm system was tabled indefinitely due to expenses of new furnace in offices under parish hall.
*We decided to have parish picnic at Judy Ratliff’s home on June 8th Pentecost Sunday.
Old Business:
*We agreed to continue vestry prayer partners each month.
*Greg Camp is still talking to various individuals to do ice removal, mowing, and landscaping.
*Allen will have postcards next month.
*Jansje will check into replacing Episcopal welcome sign.
*Cindy+ will talk to Kay Collier-McLaughlin regarding Mutual Ministry Review in May or June. 

Sr. Warden: Inventory list for Triple blessings.

Jr. Warden: Greg will get estimates for new furnace.

Committee Reports:
*Fin./ Steward./Hosp.: Vestry dinner for parish on June 13.
*Worship: Holy Week and Easter plans.
*Outreach: Gateway teens will be here for Easter.
*Christian Formation: Lenten study going well.

Next meeting: Sunday, May 18 after church. 

Anyone interested in working together on our prayer garden, please talk with Greg Camp after church or call him at 497-0269.

We want to thank everyone who brought in toilet paper and paper plates for the month of April.

For May, if your last name starts with the letters A to L, please bring in tall kitchen garbage bags, and if your last name starts with the letters M to Z, please bring in large black garbage bags.
Also, don’t forget to continue to use your Kroger gift card. We have already received financial benefits from this program.

The Daughters of the King will hold their regular meeting on 4 May, after church.  All Daughters and anyone interested in finding out more about the order are welcome to attend.

Cindy+ will be on vacation from April 28-May 6. We will have Morning Prayer on 4 May.

The annual ECW retreat will be held from 6:30PM Friday 16 May to noon Sunday May 18, at the Cathedral Domain.  All women are members of the ECW and are encouraged to attend.                    

Darren and Martha Payne will be hosting their annual Derby party on 3 May.  It begins about 3:30PM with nibble food.  The race is about 6:30PM, and there will be a potluck after the race.  Bring whatever you wish to eat.