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APRIL 2014

“Christ Has Died.  Christ Is Risen.  Christ Will Come Again!”

As we begin the month of April, we are now halfway through the season of Lent which has been a time of introspection and self-examination as we explore our own faith journeys and the state of our spirituality, both as individuals in the unique relationships into which God has called us and in our corporate life as the Body of Christ.  In addition to any personal disciplines in which you may have been engaging, many of you have joined us for our Stone Soup Lenten Study based on the book, Prayer and Temperament: Different Prayer Forms for Different Personality Types by Chester P. Michael and Marie C. Norrisey.  After taking a short assessment of our personality, we learned about our different Myers-Briggs personality types and how they correspond to various types of prayer. It has been a great time of sharing in worship, learning, food and fellowship.  During Adult Sunday school, we have been watching a DVD series on women in the Bible which has been followed with discussion facilitated by Brian Groff.   On March 9th, the Vestry met for their annual retreat. They spent the afternoon in prayer, discussion, and planning for this coming year. They also spent time in reflection and listening for God’s guidance through the voices of each other and the Holy Spirit.  It was a productive and rewarding meeting.

As we move toward the end of Lent, we are drawn closer and closer to Holy Week. Some of you may find all the intensity and depth you want for Lent in your participation in Holy Week alone. From the Sunday of Passion (suffering), also called Palm Sunday, through the remarkable events of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Sunday, the core of the drama of our Faith is experienced. Then on Easter, the Sunday of the Feast of the Resurrection, we will celebrate, sing our alleluias, and rejoice in Christ’s victory over death. In the resurrected Lord, we are given new and eternal life. So, the more we have been intentional about our Lenten observances, the deeper our experiences of the Easter event will be. Then, we can truly shout out with joy on Easter Sunday.  Alleluia! The Lord is risen indeed!  Happy Easter!

In Christ's love,


If you are scheduled to serve at one of the worship services or have a part in the readings of the Passion for Palm Sunday or Good Friday, please find a substitute if you are unable to serve.

The Montgomery County Ministerial Association is sponsoring its annual noon-time Holy Week Services which will be Monday – Friday (April 14-18) at the 1st Presbyterian Church from 12:05PM to 1:00PM. The theme is “The Power of the Cross.” Please join us for this wonderful ecumenical worship.

On Easter Sunday, we will have an Easter egg hunt and a brunch after church. The Gateway children will be joining us for our worship service and brunch.