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 Once upon a time there was a kind but disbelieving farmer who lived with his wife on their farm in Minnesota. The holidays had arrived, and he had helped her decorate their farmhouse by bringing home a fir tree he had cut from their woods. They trimmed the house with the bright things of the season which celebrates the birth of Christ. And, the farmer anticipated the smells and foods that he and his family would enjoy on Christmas day.

 A fresh snow covered the buildings and countryside on Christmas Eve when it was time for church. Each year his wife would invite him to attend Midnight Mass with her. And each year he would refuse saying, "It's just too silly to imagine that an all-powerful God would consent to become a human baby – why would he?" Since the parish was some distance away, and the farmer's wife had altar guild work that night, she left before dark.

 While his wife was on her way and the farmer was finishing up chores, the weather worsened. It became bitterly cold and a hard wind started to blow new snow around the barnyard. As he was making for the farmhouse, a flock of birds landed in the barnyard. Seeing how miserable they were, the farmer opened the door of his barn, so they might enter for shelter. Alas, the birds didn't know what he meant no matter how many times he waved his arms towards the place of safety, so the farmer spread grain on the snow making a trail for the birds to follow into the shelter. However, as soon as he dropped the grain, the wind blew snow over the food. Next, he tried to herd them. Now, it was nearly dark. The farmer worried that the birds might not last the night. He ran this way and that, doing everything he could think of to get them to safety to no avail. Finally, the farmer threw up his hands and cried aloud saying, "If for one moment I could become a bird myself and JUST TELL THEM."

Then he heard the sound of church bells carried over the wind. He held out his arms looking upward and called out, "Yes, of course, THAT is why You did it!" St. Paul's Printer. 

See you in church

Treasurer’s report for Oct:
Income: $8835;
Expenses: $14,412;
Check book balance of $9838
minus pass-through and memorial fund =$8688. 

*Vestry approved the Treasurer’s report and minutes. 
*New Business: Discussed Annual Meeting on Nov. 23; Bishop’s visitation on Nov. 30-Advent I; and Diocesan budget meeting here on Nov. 12.
*Old Business: We agreed to keep same prayer partners.
*Allen will talk at Annual meeting about Kroger Community Rewards Program. *Parishioners will be asked to bring in Dishwashing liquid (Dawn) and dishwasher liquid (Cascade) for Dec.
*We tabled replacing “Episcopal Church” sign until after first of year due to work on Maysville Road. 
*Sr. and Jr.Warden: Christmas Bazaar successfully raised over $1200.
*Thanks to John Peck for donating time to clean up garden and church grounds.
*Committee Reports:
*Fin./ Steward./Hosp.: Stewardship dinner on Nov. 14 at 7PM, then annual budget meeting on Nov. 18. 
*Outreach: Gateway scavenger hunt successful and the Easy Walker Christmas tree decorating at end of month.
*Angel Tree names are being picked up.
*Christian Formation: Everyone is enjoying Byram teaching Adult Sunday school and Greg related the children are making thanksgiving books. 
*Next meeting: Sunday, December 14 at 6PM at Duffus’ house.

The greening of the church will take place after coffee hour on December 21.  Please stay and help with the joyous activity.

The Annual Meeting of Ascension Church was held on Sunday, November 23 after church. A budget was passed with a deficit of $68,709.  Julia Waller, Jennifer Walker, John Peck and Becky Priest were approved for Vestry.  Mary Ratliff, Pat Farnell, Sallie Razor and Jansje Hyuck were elected as Diocesan Convention Delegates and Julia Waller, Jim Johnson, Martha Payne and Judy Bramblet as alternates.  Please pray for these people as they undertake their duties. Terry Murphy, Mary Ratliff, Greg Camp and Alan Blair are leaving the vestry. Well done, good and faithful servants.                           

Thanks to everyone who brought items for the month of November.  For December, we are asking people to bring in Dishwashing liquid (Dawn) and Dishwasher liquid (Cascade). Please don't forget to sign up your Kroger card for Ascension church.

The Daughters of the King will hold their regular meeting on December 7 after church.  All Daughters and anyone interested in finding out more about the order are welcome to attend.