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(The following is excerpted from an article in St. Paul's Printer.) 
Each day in the monastery ends with Evening prayer/ Vespers. Shovels, pans, books, computers - all are laid aside, for the day's work is done.  The monks, clad in their white habits, enter by twos and bow at the altar, then take their place for worship.

This is an image for All Saint's/All Soul's Day. Our life's work is done and we are in a line, clad in white (baptismal) gowns, processing to the throne of God where we bow low before taking our place in the kingdom. No one is alone; we are surrounded by our brothers and sisters in God. There are those we loved and failed to love. Because we are all dressed alike, we are devoid of the trappings which may divide us. There are disabled and able-bodied, straights and gays, drunks who didn't make it and those who recovered, Cain walking with Abel. Our eyes focus only on God as we bow low and take our places for the First Vespers of the greatest feast of all.

See you in church


Treasurer’s report for Sept: Income: $4817; Expenses: $10,154; Check book balance of $15,687 minus pass-through and memorial fund =$14,375. Vestry approved Treasurer’s report and minutes.  New Business: Discussed Annual meeting (the luncheon, 2015 budget, election of Vestry members and dele-gates at Annual Convention on February 19-21, 2015 in Morehead. Old Business:  Triple Blessings: We will be available to register parishioners for Kroger Community Rewards Program during Annual meet-ing. Christmas bazaar plans underway. Sign to be put out by Court Day weekend. Sr. Warden: Nov/Dec dateline for Vestry to sign.  Jr. Warden: Workday Nov. 2 update. Fin./Steward/ Hosp.: Pledge letter 2 weeks and postcards 1 week before Stewardship Dinner. Worship: Sallie did an altar flower sign up sheet. Altar guild will meet on Tues., Oct. 14 at 10 a.m. Outreach: Gateway Outreach and Food Pantry doing well. Next meeting: Sun., November 9 after church.


The Right Rev. Douglas Hahn, Bishop of Lexington, will make his annual Episcopal visitation to our parish on November 30.  He has been invited to join us for breakfast at 8:30AM and to share in conver-sation with us during our regular adult Sunday school at 9:00AM. Then, at our worship service at 10:00AM, Bishop Hahn will be the celebrant and preacher at Holy Eucharist.  Afterwards, during our coffee hour, we will have Scottish food in honor of St. Andrew’s Day. Please plan to join us on this joyous occasion in the life of our parish and meet our Bishop if you haven't had yet had the opportunity.

Friday, November 14 at 7 p.m., the Vestry is providing a Stewardship Dinner at the church. Our pledges are due, so that we can finalize our 2014 Annual budget. Hopefully, everyone has prayerfully considered what they will give monetarily, in addition to our time and talents.
Sunday, November 23 is our Annual Meeting with a pot-luck luncheon in which the church will provide fried chicken. There will be a sign-up sheet for side dishes and desserts. At our meeting, we will be presenting the 2015 Proposed Budget for approval. We will be electing 4 vestry members to fill the seats of Terry Murphy and the retiring members, Mary Ratliff, Greg Camp, and Allen Blair. We will also be electing 4 delegates and 4 alternates to the Diocesan Convention in Morehead.


Thanks to everyone who brought items for the month of October.  For November, we are asking people to bring in air freshener and toilet paper.


Our Christmas Bazaar will be on Saturday, November 8 from 9:00AM-2:00PM. If you haven’t already signed up, please plan to come and help us.


A new group is being organized in our church. We will walk inside the church, as fast or slowly, as far or not so far, as you like. The basic idea is to get moving, and perhaps some extra weight will come off too. A couple of functions happen on Monday evenings, but we can avoid those by walking in a differ-ent part of the church. If you are interested, please contact Jean Stoddard by email or phone 859-499-3423 after which we will determine a time.  It will be a fun time to get together.


The Daughters of the King will hold their regular meeting on November 2 after church.  All Daughters and anyone interested in finding out more about the order are welcome to attend.