September 2013, Page 3


The Daughters of the King will hold their monthly meeting on September 1, after church. All Daughters and anyone interested in finding out more about the order are welcome to attend.  Please note that dues are due on September 1.


Gateway Children’s Services:  Ascension is working weekly with the Gateway children on building life skills, which includes the children preparing dinner once a month after the Wednesday Evening service.  There is always an on-going need of the following items for the Gateway Teens: socks, under-shirts (large and extra large), twin sheets, towels, pencils, drawing pads, journals, PG-13 movies, games, puzzles, puzzle books, soap, shampoo, lotion and hair elastics

M&M Food Pantry: They always need food, donations and substitute workers. They especially need baby food, canned fruit, dried beans, Spaghetti O’s, tuna fish, and tuna helper dinners and powdered milk.  Please continue to bring your offerings for the plate and our basket.

Other: The American Cancer Society needs volunteers to drive cancer patients in our community to and from their treatment appointments. Or you can become a volunteer with St. Claire Hospice. See Sally Purvis.


HOLY CROSS DAY (September 14)   This is the day we celebrate the Cross of Christ. We remember that God was willing to die a cruel, painful death for us because He loved us so. We are also reminded that we may have to suffer for Him, but the reward of eternal life is worth it.

ST. MATTHEW (September 21)   Matthew was a tax collector who gave up his position of power to follow Jesus.  He ministered in Judea and then went to Ethiopia or Persia.  It is not known how he died.

ST. MICHAEL AND ALL ANGELS (September 30, transferred)  On this day, we honor the angels God has given us. He used them as messengers, such as announcing the birth of Christ. Each of us has a guardian angel who watches over us.



5 Betty Barnard
6 Debra Arthur Wilkinson
6 McKenzie Barnes Murdock
12 Bob Neismith
15 Sharon Moran 
17 Ellen Razor
19 Brady Purvis
19 Jansje Huyck
19 Meredith Peck
21 Sarah Pierce
23 Laura Caudill
24 Will Fogle
26 Brad Carrington

8 Mike & Sharon Moran
16 Allen & Catherine Blair
25 Bill & Beth Ratliff

1 Roger Titus
2 Lottie Weckesser
9 Aaron Farnell, Jr.
13 Frank Neff
15 Charles Gange
18 Odelle Cooke Payne
28 Florence Hargraves
Here are the coffee hour hosts for September:  
1  Terry Murphy and Brad Carrington 498-5821   
8  Bishop's visit- everyone brings hors d’oeuvres  
15  Marge Neff 498-2548     
22  John and Shannon Peck 498-6544   
29  Norm and Justin Peck 497-9317

Here are the coffee hour hosts for October: 
6   Becky Priest 498-3254
13  Sally Purvis 498-1614 or 585-7815
20  Jennifer and Byram Ratliff 498-1516
27  Judy Ratliff 498-2151