September 2013, Page 2


      The motto of Cursillo is to "make a friend, be a friend, bring a friend to (a deeper knowledge of) Christ".  Let me recount a story of how this may work.

       I had eye surgery in 1996, and needed a ride to my surgeon in Lexington. I had arranged the appointment so that a woman from the church in Morehead could take me. On the morning of the appointment, she called me and said something had come up and she couldn't go. In desperation, I called my sister (who doesn't drive) for help. She suggested I call a member of her church who was very active, and ask her. When I did, she said she couldn't because she had Bible study at that time. When I asked if she knew any students who could use the money and could drive my car, she said the only one she could think of was in the Bible study and thus couldn't go. Finally, I called a woman I knew only through the Morehead Woman's Club. Her response was "I'll be there in 10 minutes."

       Who best exemplifies "make a friend, be a friend, bring a friend to (a deeper knowledge of) Christ"? Don't get so busy with church work that you don't have time to do the work of the Church.  See you in church.


Treasurer’s report for July:
Income: $5,115.95;
Expenses: $11,943.87;
Check book balance of $8091.58
minus pass-through and memorial fund= $5659.71.

Vestry approved minutes from last meeting. New Business: Sallie Razor presented an overview of Stewardship training in Knoxville. See insert to news-letter. Greg Camp related that our insurance will cover all water damage to the undercroft after $500 deductible. He discussed a three stage plan for repairs: First, hire professional company to do water and mold removal; second, cleaning and removal of all damaged carpet, cabinetry and walls; and lastly re-modeling. Greg will check options for new flooring. Bill Skidmore and some friends unclogged and repaired gutters. Mary Ratliff suggested that we routinely clean gutters once a year. We discussed prep-arations for Bishop’s Visitation. Old Business: We are still looking into obtaining a church credit card. We discussed Casual Sunday and Work days on Aug. 18. An organizational meeting for Christmas bazaar is scheduled for August 25 after church. Mary and Allen are handling sign-ups for Kroger Cares program. Sr. Warden’s Report: AA will be meeting on Wednesdays at 8PM in parish hall until under-croft is repaired. We are sponsoring a table at the Clay Center for the annual Teachers’ Appreciation Breakfast on August 14. Jr. Warden’s Report: Greg is getting quotes on the costs to fix and seal windows, repair rotten wood and paint the remainder of our building outside. Stewardship/ Finance/ Publicity: Audit scheduled for August 20. Worship/ Fellowship/Hospitality: Bishop’s visitation already discussed. Christian Formation: Stephen McGuire is teaching the adult Sunday school about the Psalms. Outreach: $100 of outreach funds will be used to help Gateway Children’s Services to defray some of costs for Small-town America event. Next meeting: Sunday, September 15th after worship.


The Right Rev. Douglas Hahn, Bishop of Lexington, will make his annual Episcopal visitation to our parish on September 8.  He has been invited to join us for breakfast at 8:30AM and to share in conversation with us about his visions for our Diocese during our regular adult Sunday school at 9:00AM.  Then, at our worship service at 10:00AM, Bishop Hahn will be the celebrant at Holy Eucharist where he will preach and confirm Julia Waller and Jennifer Walker. We will ask the Bishop to bless quilts for St. Agnes House and Icon will be presented. Afterwards, we will have hors d'oeuvres during our coffee hour. Please plan to join us on this joyous occasion in the life of our parish and meet our Bishop if you haven't had the opportunity yet.


Our Christmas bazaar will be held on Saturday, November 9. If you haven’t already begun to make home-made Christmas crafts, such as wreaths, scarves and kitchen towels, it is not too late to start. Any items that people have completed can be left on the back table in parish hall, and they will be stored in the locked room downstairs. Watch for announcements for organizational meetings in the future.