September 2013, Page 1



Fall is almost upon us. Where did the summer go? Did you have any lazy days…time to reflect…time to read a good book? Or, did the summer seem rather like the rest of the year being overscheduled and too busy. Gordon and I enjoyed a wonderful week at the beach in Kill Devil Hills, NC, and then, we visited our children and grandchildren in Chesterfield, VA. It just amazes me how much energy grand-children have. They were lots of fun, but it was good to return back to Kentucky and our own bed.

During the summer months, our parish was very busy with Vacation Bible School hosted at the First Christian Church, summer camp at the Cathedral Domain and the Lemonade Retreat for the teens from Gateway Children’s Services. We raised enough money to purchase robes for the choir as a result of Norm Stoddard’s Birthday Music Show. Many of you have helped in making quilts for St. Agnes House. We sponsored a table at the annual Teachers’ Appreciation Breakfast. We also had a fantastic Casual Sunday worship service followed by “summer clean-up” inside and outside the church and a cook-out in the garden. The rain that day didn’t stop us. We had a grand turn-out for this event. Thank you so much for all who participated and worked so diligently.

Unfortunately, this summer has not been without its challenging and distressing moments.  We experienced another break-in at the church.  Thankfully, nothing was seriously damaged or stolen.  Only a bottle of Communion wine was consumed on the premises.  All of us need to be diligent in checking that all the windows and doors are locked at all times.  Due to some heavy rains, we also experienced flooding in the undercroft and our insurance company will cover the cost of repairs after a $500 deductible. We are also receiving estimates for our continued work to fix and seal windows, repair rotten wood and paint the remainder of our building outside.  Hopefully, you all will consider contributing additional financial support for these endeavors to help defray the costs.

Fall is a time of new starts for so many of us. In our parish, it is a time of new opportunities and new commitments. Please consider stretching yourself and finding new ways to engage in the various minis-tries of our parish which you love.  It takes all of us working together.  I can assure you that there is a place for you to share your special talents, and I would love to help you find it!

As we transition into fall, we also have a lot of exciting events. Our choir and bells will be returning after a short respite this summer. Bishop Doug Hahn is coming for his annual Episcopal visitation on Sunday, September 9th and he will be celebrating, preaching, and confirming Julia Waller and Jennifer Walker.  Everyone is so excited. On Sept. 13-14, there will be an Appalachian Ministries Conference at Morehead, KY. Please look for the flier regarding this great event. We will also have our annual outside Holy Eucharist followed by a picnic at Easy Walker Park on Sunday, Sept. 22 at 10:00AM.

May the light of Christ shine through all of us in our continued ministries together.

In Christ's love,