June 2013, Page 1

JUNE 2013

This past month, the Great Fifty Days of Easter just ended with the Feast of Pentecost, where the followers of Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit, became a new and diverse family, the Body of Christ, the Church. We celebrated three major feasts: Ascension Day, the Day of Pentecost and Trinity Sunday. We also concluded our Confirmation classes for Jennifer Walker who will be confirmed along with Julia Waller on September 8th during the Bishop’s visitation. On a more secular note, we celebrated the Kentucky Derby at Darren and Martha Payne’s house; honored Mother’s Day by the Daughter of the King giving the women of our parish potted flowers; and attended a Baby Shower for Laura Groff. We also hosted a high school graduation for several teens from Gateway Children’s Services.

Now, the Season after Pentecost begins after an observance of Trinity Sunday when we remember and honor the Triune God revealed to us in and through the life of the Resurrected Christ. The color for this season is green, symbolizing the growth and life of the Church. As we move into this “ordinary time,” we hear the lessons of Jesus’ teachings and learn how to live the Christian life. In most churches, the general theme of the scriptural readings and sermons concerns the church’s mission in the world. During this season, we will be hearing passages from Gospel of Luke.

With summer approaching, we are reminded that all of us need times of rest and relaxation, and times when we change our routines.  Ours is a culture that is often connected to the rhythms of work schedules and family routines during the fall, winter, and spring. However, during the summer, many people take their vacations, so our social lives and plans are geared toward a different pace until September. The life of the Church follows that same pattern in many ways, and not just here, but in most places. Churches often “wind down” their program year, knowing that attendance will drop off a bit as people go on vacations or find alternative activities in the beauty of summer. Treasurers often worry about people forgetting to send in their pledges while they are away. This can create a cash-flow problem, so I hope we can avoid this situation with our attentiveness. While some church programs take a respite from their ministries, many of our folks do not. The Acolytes, Lectors, Chalicers, Organist, Eucharistic visitors, Altar Guild, Ushers and Coffee Hosts, among others, are still needed to maintain the church’s liturgical and social life. 

Despite our adjustments to summer life, much is still happening in our life together. Our Adult Sunday school is progressing with the Five Marks of Mission discussion. At our Vestry Retreat in May, we had the same conversation, and we added to their list. We brainstormed the various ministries that we are already doing and some that we may wish to do in the future. This will be an on-going process. Please look at the post-it notes on the wall in the Parish hall and add your own ideas. Once again, we will be participating in Vacation Bible School at the First Christian Church from June 12-14 from 6:30-8:30PM. I will be serving as a Chaplain for Mini-camp at the Cathedral Domain from Sunday afternoon, June 23 though Saturday afternoon, June 29.  We will also have our annual Lemonade Retreat for the teens from Gateway Children’s Service on July 1, 2, 3, and 5th.

May you all find rest and relaxation as the summer unfolds.

In Christ's love,