April 2013; page 2


Two traveling angels stopped to spend the night in the home of a wealthy family. The family was rude and refused to let the angels stay in the mansion's guest room.  Instead the angels were given a small space in the cold basement.  As they made their bed on the hard floor, the older angel saw a hole in the wall and repaired it.  When the younger angel asked why, the older angel replied, "Things aren't always what they seem."

The next night the pair came to rest at the house of a very poor, but very hospitable farmer and his wife. After sharing what little food they had the couple let the angels sleep in their bed where they could have a good night's rest. When the sun came up the next morning the angels found the farmer and his wife in tears. Their only cow, whose milk had been their sole income, lay dead in the field.

The younger angel was infuriated and asked the older angel "How could you have let this happen? The first man had everything, yet you helped him," she accused. "The second family had little but was willing to share everything, and you let the cow die." "Things aren't always what they seem," the older angel replied." When we stayed in the basement of the mansion, I noticed there was gold stored in that hole in the wall. Since the owner was so obsessed with greed and unwilling to share his good fortune, I sealed the wall so he wouldn't find it. Then last night as we slept in the farmer's bed, the angel of death came for his wife. I gave him the cow instead. Things aren't always what they seem."

Sometimes that is exactly what happens when things don't turn out the way we want. If you have faith, you just need to trust that every outcome is always to your advantage. You just might not know it until some time later...See you in church.

Church Finances

Treasurer’s report for February: Income: $15,855
Expenses: $10,001.13;
Check book balance of $10,674.05-minus pass-through and memorial fund= $7,525.68.

Vestry Minutes for March:

We approved Parochial Report for 2012. We saw an increase of 5 members and decrease of 6 members which included deaths, transfers, and inactive status. Average Sunday Attendance was 42.
Ascension will be listed in church directory of Mt. Sterling Advocate.
Allen will check into Kroger Cares Program.
We discussed Vestry Retreat being changed to May 11 in order to have Matthew Young as our facilitator.
Allen is working on church postcards.
Matt will check with Telecomm consultants as we have not heard from them. 
Sr. Warden’s Report: Suggestion to use left side of choir stall for bell choir.
Jr. Warden’s Report: Final push to complete garden wall as weather improves, stair railing fixed, and making plan for spring painting,
Remind parishioners about donation box in fellowship hall. 
Stewardship/ Finance/ Publicity: Vestry agreed to upgrade the web site.
Vestry approved up to $300 for this purpose. Allen, Stephen, and Matt will meet about this.
Worship/ Fellowship: Update on plans for Holy Week.
We will have Easter potluck with church providing ham and chicken.
Christian Formation: Steve McGuire is teaching Rule of Life for Adult Sunday school. Outreach: Silent auction at convention made $150 for Diocesan Youth Ministry and contents of basket given to St. Agnes House.
Gateway children will be here for Easter service. 
Next meeting: Sun., April 14, 2013 after church.


The Daughters of the King will hold their monthly meeting on April 7, after church.  We will continue the study for membership for the next eight monthly meetings.  All Daughters and anyone interested in finding out more about the order are welcome to attend.


Tentative date for our Christmas bazaar is the 2nd Saturday in November. We would like people to start thinking about making home-made crafts and Christmas crafts, such as wreaths, scarves and kitchen towels, which sold well last year.  Watch for announcements for organizational meetings in the future.


We just finished an introductory study of the Rule of St. Benedict in the adult Sunday class. There is some interest in forming a Benedictine Way Group in our parish (in some other parishes, the group is called a Community of Reconciliation). If you think you would be interested in joining such a group, you would certainly be encouraged and welcomed to do so. The Rule of St. Benedict is about the ways in which we can transform our spiritual lives by focusing on humility, stability, and obedience, and reading sacred literature prayerfully. For more information, you can contact Stephen McGuire (stephen_mcguire16@yahoo.com), or contact Cindy at her office.