December, 2013 Page 2


We are about to celebrate the birthday of God's son, and we may sometimes ask "but what difference did it make?" Hatred and cruelty still seem to reign in the world, and there is no peace. The problem is, we tend to focus on the bad and ignore the good things that happen every day. We forget that GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME. He allows us the free will to mess things up if we insist, but He then makes good out of the foul-ups. Remember the bad happens but the good follows. When I look back on my life, I see it happening all the time-if I let it. We have to be open to the good and let God work in our lives. When Jesus came He showed us that ALL THE TIME, GOD IS GOOD, and will always do what is best for us. Absolutely.

See you in church.


 Treasurer’s report for August:
Income: $4332;
Expenses: $13070;
Check book balance of $25620
minus pass-through and memorial fund= $4127.

Vestry approved Treasurer’s report and minutes from last meeting.
New Business: Wireless alarm system will be discussed at Annual meeting for feedback.
Discussed format for Annual Meeting and approved Revised Annual Budget for presentation to congregation.
Old Business: Allen is still working on Photo post-card. Allen needs to get Federal Tax ID for Kroger Cares Program.
Sr. Warden’s Report: Mary Ratliff is coordinating Annual Meeting.
Jr. Warden’s Report: Painting and undercroft repairs have been completed. Stewardship/ Finance/ Publicity: Successful Stewardship campaign with 25 pledging units.
Worship/ Fellowship/Hospitality: Plans are underway for Christmas Eve Worship.
Next meeting: Sunday, December 8 at 6PM at Duffus home.


The budget approved for 2014 had a projected income of $85,940 and expenses of $141,507, with a deficit of 55,567. Christmas Bazaar raised $1959. The following parishioners were elected to the Diocesan convention. Delegates are Matt Wilson, Mary Ratliff, Cynthia Wilson and Sallie Razor, and alternates are Judy Bramblet, Judy Ratliff and Julia Waller. The following people were elected to the vestry: Terry Murphy, Jansje Huyck and Cynthia Wilson. Please pray for these people. Kathi Peck (posthumously), Judy Bramblet and Matt Wilson will be leaving the vestry. Well done, good and faithful servants. Discussed wireless alarm system which Vestry will look into further.


The Daughters of the King will hold their monthly meeting on December 1, after church. All Daughters and anyone interested in finding out more about the order are welcome to attend. We will continue the study guide for new members.


A belated congratulations to Terry Murphy and Brad Carrington who were married on October 22 in Santa Fe, NM.  May you have a long and blessed time together.


The greening of the church for Christmas will take place on Sunday, December 22 after church.  Please join us in this fun activity.