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The Daughters of the King will hold their monthly meeting on November 3, after our Stewardship Luncheon. All Daughters and anyone interested in finding out more about the order are welcome to attend. We will continue the study guide for new members.



Our Christmas bazaar is Saturday, November 9 from 8:30 a.m. through 2:30 p.m. We will be setting up on Friday starting at 9:00 a.m. We could use your help to price items and organize the tables.



Gateway Children’s Services: Ascension is working weekly with the Gateway children on building life skills, which includes the children preparing dinner once a month after the Wednesday Evening service. There is always an on-going need of the following items for the Gateway Teens: socks, undershirts (large and extra large), twin sheets, towels, pencils, drawing pads, journals. PG-13 movies, games, puzzles, puzzle books, soap, shampoo, lotion, and hair elastics

M&M Food Pantry: They always need food, donations, and substitute workers. They especially need baby food, canned fruit, dried beans, Spaghetti O’s, tuna fish, and tuna helper dinners and powdered milk. Please continue to bring your offerings for the plate and our basket.

Other: The American Cancer Society needs volunteers to drive cancer patients in our community to and from their treatment appointments. Or you can become a volunteer with St. Claire Hospice. See Sally Purvis for details.


ALL SAINTS' DAY (1 November) This is the day we honor all of the saints, those known and unknown to us, whose lives are and were exceptional examples of their love and service to God.

ALL SOULS' DAY (2 November) On this day, we commemorate the souls of the faithful departed. We remember and honor all of our loved ones who have died. Since most churches don't have a special service on this day, it is usually combined with All Saints' Day.

CHRIST THE KING (24 November) This day is celebrated in the Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Angli-can, and other Protestant churches on the last Sunday of the liturgical year in remembrance of Christ's messianic kingship and sovereign rule over all creation.

THANKSGIVING DAY (28 November) This day is declared by presidential proclamation as a day of national thanksgiving for the blessings given to our land. We also give special thanks for all of God's blessings on each of us.

ST. ANDREW (30 November) Andrew was the brother of Simon Peter and one of the first Apostles; he was called to be a fisher of people. Tradition claims that he was crucified on an X-shaped cross at Petras, Greece. He is the Patron Saint of Scotland, Greece, and Russia.




2 The Rev. Cynthia Duffus

3 Clay Wilkinson

4 Laura Groff

10 Edward A. Marye III

11 Anne Palmer

13 Elise White Boyd

15 Ann Bartels

15 Eloise Caudill

15 Elizabeth Ratliff

20 Suzanne Cowden

22 Jimmy Bourne

23 Addison Myers

24 Wendy Greer



30 John & Shannon Peck



11 Ray Purvis

18 Nancy Carmody

23 Mary Oldham

26 Charles D. Waldecker


November coffee hour hosts:

3 Vestry Stewardship Luncheon

10 Janet Ratliff 859-498-2151


24 Julia WalIer 859-398-9146

December coffee hour hosts:

1 Gordon Duffus 498-9398 or 931-636-8866

8 Tony and Jennifer Walker

15 Matt and Cynthia Wilson 497-0213

22 Betty and Mike Barnard 498-0481 (Betty) or 498-0807 (Mike)

29 Chuck and Ann Bartels 859-274-2947 or 585-4753


Contact information for Cindy+: Church office-859-498-3730; cell phone-931-636-8866; home phone-598-498-9398 Please leave a message if you can't reach her at the time you call.

If you know you will not be available to serve at the altar, let Pat Farnell know the month before so she won't schedule you. If anyone would like to add announcements to the newsletter, let her know or e-mail her at Please put "newsletter" in the subject line so she opens it.