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As we approach the end of the Church year and the Thanksgiving holiday, we are thankful for all of God’s blessings that we have received throughout the past year. A generosity of spirit within our parish and the wider community continues to grow. We have accomplished much through the hard work of the many faithful stewards in our parish. In addition to our many on-going ministries, we are especially thankful for the completion of the outside painting of our church and the repairs to our undercroft that Greg Camp and Bill Skidmore coordinated. To those of you already engaged in God’s work, many, many thanks.

To all who could do a bit more, there is no better time to try out a new gift of time and talent. If you would like some ideas, look at the Five Marks of Mission that were enclosed in our October newsletter, and then, speak to anyone on our Vestry about your interests or give me a call. Any of us would be glad to help you get started. We are ALL called to make our time and talents available to the service of our Lord and the building of God’s kingdom.

As we plan for another exciting year together, in addition to our giving of our time and talents, we would like everyone in our parish to make an intentional monetary pledge, from what they are able, toward our mission and ministry as disciples of God’s generous and abundant love in our lives. We need all of your help to offset some of our anticipated deficit this coming year.

As you already know, I was away from the parish for two weeks, attending an eight-day wellness conference for clergy called CREDO sponsored by the Episcopal Church Pension Fund and a two-day Annual Assembly of the Kentucky Council of Churches. My CREDO experience was amazing. After a long day of travel to the Chapel Rock Conference Center in Prescott, Arizona which is at an elevation of nearly 5500 feet, I was greeted by 25 other clergy and five faculty members from all parts of the United States. Over the course of the conference, we met in plenary sessions, small groups and private consultations that focused on four major areas in our personal and professional lives.

Each of the components of spiritual, vocational, health and financial were explored as an integral part of the whole. The spiritual component offered a sacred space where we each reflected on his or her interior life and relationship with God in Christ. The vocational area provided an opportunity for reflection, discernment and planning of our mission and ministry. The health section encouraged reflection on physical and emotional health and well-being, the stewardship of the body, and development of a plan to address our individual health needs. The financial part explored all aspects of our personal financial management and encouraged reflection on God-given resources and how best to use them in response to God’s call. Through the discernment and visioning process, and with the help of a faculty team of professionals, each of us built a CREDO plan, a personal covenant, for our future.

My attendance at the Kentucky Council of Churches Assembly as the Diocesan Ecumenical Deputy was also very rewarding. The focus of the conference was on Civil Discourse. I attended ecumenical worship services and workshops on the Conversation with Muslims, Skills for Civil Dialogue, and the Restorative Justice Movement.

In Christ's love, Cindy+