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ST. LUKE (18 October) The early Church's position was that St Luke wrote the third synoptic Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles. He accompanied St. Paul on some of his missionary journeys (see in Acts where he wrote `we' instead of `he' in the narrative). He was a physician, and is, therefore, invoked for healing ministries.

ST. JAMES OF JERUSALEM (23 October) James, the Just, is called the brother of Jesus, but he may have been a cousin. Family ties were so close at that time that cousins were called brother and sister. He was the first Bishop of Jerusalem.

STS. SIMON AND JUDE (28 October) Simon, the Zealot, and Jude, surnamed Thaddeus, were apostles. Simon carried the light to Egypt and Persia, where he was joined by Jude. They were said to have been martyred together.

VIGIL OF ALL SAINTS (31 October) This day, called Halloween (from All Hallows Evening), has come to be a day to dress up in costumes and ask for treats. These traditions arose from Celtic traditions and were to commemorate at the beginning of winter. They have nothing to do with the holy day.


03 Sarah Ratliff
04 Terry Murphy 
07 Brian Estes 
09 Chandre Bourne
13 Emma Neismith
13 Boone Razor 
15 Richmond Bramblet
17 Aaron Motley  
21 Samantha Hildebrandt 
28 Lucy Cowden 
29 Danny Razor
29 Jessica Razor    
30 DeDe Burdine

02 Anne & Charles Bartels  
06 Chandre and Jimmy Bourne
10 Ralph & Jan Karsner
25 Matthew & Cynthia Wilson


10 Mary Hunter Spear
13 Susette Johnson  

19 Kim Skidmore

25 Helen Herbert 
26 Launa Haynes

26 Edward Avonmore Marye


Here are the coffee hour hosts for October:
06 Becky Priest 498-3254
13 Sally Purvis 498-1614 or 585-7815
20 Jennifer and Byram Ratliff 498-1516
27 Judy Ratliff 498-2151

Here are the coffee hour hosts for November:
03 Sallie and Mike Razor 498-8615
10 Janet White 859-842-4549
17 Annual meeting
24 Julia WalIer 859-398-9146

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